Today: Cupcakes and Peanut Butter


Just a quickie before I nod off, hubby snoring is keeping me awake. Oh and the kids too.

Today I made cupcakes with my eldest. So pulled out the BIKM. I cheated and used a packet mix. Followed instructions as per box but mixed for 2 minutes speed 4. They were perfect! Have to say I was pretty impressed… Although only just managed to save the 2nd batch from the brink of burning when we got distracted watching the storms outside.

I also made peanut butter.
I’m not game to use the tub in the pantry anymore after I found said 3 year old eating it out the tub with his fingers. The same 3 year old whose hands touch all sorts of unclean an unsavoury things.

It was easy… Just blended until smooth and added a little oil and a small sprinkle of sugar. We are crunchy peanut butter fans here so once it was smooth ( it wasn’t totally smooth, it still had little lumps, not like the smooth stuff in the shops) I added another handful of nuts and blitzed quickly so they were still more chunky.

Had a piece on toast this evening… Definitely different to the bought stuff but still yummy and I will be keeping it in the fridge away from dirty fingers!
Though not sure on it’s shelf life, will look into that and let you know.




Hubby said it looked just like the baby’s dirty nappy…


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