Recipes to follow for these dishes soon (BIKM)


This last week has been so busy here.
My sister and lovely niece were visiting from interstate.
Family from the ‘country’ staying for a few days. Family gatherings all weekend, so busy but in that nice way. But I have done some serious eating.
A quick rundown of the yummy food hitting my tummy goes like this ( and now you know, no time to update the blog… I have been too busy eating 😉 )

Friday night: steak and salad on soft rolls… Pretty self explanatory there. But quick am easy and easy to slip some salad into everyone.

Saturday… My sister and brother in law put on a delicious BBQ. Lots of meat of course. Some salads by a talented cook in the family, brown rice and lentil with dressing, and a face of mine… Roasted pumpkin on baby spinach with feta cheese and a dressing ( it was sweet and tangy)
My contribution was a crunchy Asian noodle salad. My BIKM got a look in here with some almond action. Next time I think I’ll do the dressing in Bellini first, then chop nuts, then shred cabbage ( for another blog).

Sunday… Well a traditional roast but waaaay better! My country cousin brought a pork roast from one of their home grown pigs. So we had a charcoal spit roast, potatoes in foil, roast pumpkin, carrots beans corn. Oh an don’t forget the roast chook too.
It tasted all the better for the fact hubby cooked it. Not only can he fabricate a perfect spit… He can cook with it too! Lucky me 🙂

I’m sure you’re thinking the festivities must be over, back to boring Monday meat and veg. But not so.

Today we had a treat of chocolate brownies, in the BIKM.
And also risotto in the BIKM for tea. It was chicken, Sundried tomato, maple roasted pumpkin, baby spinach, feta and Romano cheese, and mushroom.

This week I have plans for apricot jam and home made pizza thanks to my friend at livelovetaste who is making me jealous with her yummy cooking.
I also have to upload a few experiments I have tried in the last week or 2 in the BIKM, satay chicken and beef stroganoff.

The wonderful thing about feeding others is I have guinea pigs. They have to be testers of my recipes! I think it was successful and it’s nice to have people eat you food who enjoy it 🙂




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