My First Bellini Fail… Liquid Before Flour


Quick update here. The festive season is taking off, and as such we have been busy at different social gatherings.

You know the time of year… 6 weeks or so leading up to Christmas.

A few nights ago I thought I’d do a pasta bake with tuna…. easy enough, you say? Well yes it was.

But I had my first fail in the BIKM… I’d read about it in other reviews but was in a rush and totally forgot.

When making the white sauce in went the flour before the milk…  ERROR.

It should come with a warning to add liquid first. After a few minutes there was a burning smell, which I hadn’t encountered before.

I emptied the jug out, and a patch of flour had stuck on the bottom, not incorporated and burnt.

Easily fixed, gave it a clean and returned the rest of the mix to the jug and soldiered on, it was fine.

But my jug now has a black stain… not affecting the use but not so pretty anymore either!

You can bet the same mistake won’t be happening again though… until I get distracted next time 😀


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