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Thermomix quick yoghurt UHT LongLife milk


Yet another eventful morning here. Everyday I wake up wondering what my children will have destroyed with their early waking.
If only I could put bells around their necks. Despite all of our house-securing efforts, somehow they still manage to out smart us. A 4 year old and a 2 year old… I feel like the only parent who has children this mischievous!

So this morning, hubby woke up to the ding of the microwave. Our microwave lives in our laundry. Our laundry has a slide blot on the top of the door. This doesn’t stop my children. They let themselves out the back sliding door, round the entire house, in through the dog door and into the laundry. Where they melted a plastic plate in the microwave, with a mixture they were apparently ‘cooking’. Peanut butter, my entire tub of fenugreek powder, cake decorating balls, soy milk, garlic gloves…

Anyway, one grumpy mummy and daddy later, the house has survived yet another battle, but with scars!

On to today’s post about yoghurt.

It was seriously quick and easy. But you need patience! If you love a peek, like I do, this will take all of your will power. Plan it for overnight or when you are going to be out.

1 litre UHT milk.
Starter yoghurt (I pick a natural Greek Jalna brand). I like it because it has no other ingredients apart from milk and culture. No artificial thickeners, sugar etc.

That’s it!

To make your yughurt, add your milk and 120gm of starter to thermomix. Mix for 10 minutes, temp 37, speed 3.

Pre warm your thermoserver with boiling water. But you don’t want it too hot, so I usually warm it for a few minutes, the tip the water out with a few minutes to go of the milk cooking.

When it’s done, add your milk to thermoserver. I wrapped mine in a fluffy baby blanket for about 8 hours. I have read that you can leave it for up to 24 hours. The more you can resist temptation to peek the better it will be! Trust me.

There are plenty of recipes to make sweetened yoghurt online if that’s your thing.
Personally, I love marinating some meat in yoghurt. The result is always so fabulous and tender and juicy.
Or I have it with some CADA and honey.

Don’t forget, to keep some yoghurt aside to make your next batch. Each time you make your yoghurt using your starter, your resulting yoghurt will become thicker and creamier each time.