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Lego movie Emmet Bithday cake homemade


I admit, I don’t go crazy over birthday themes for the kids. I love celebrating them, I prepare for weeks in advance, I enjoy wrapping all the presents.
But making a cake…. Just not high on my list.
So despite the ease of making a cake in the Thermomix, I just really have no desire to do it. So I buy pre made sponge slabs from the supermarket.

After being undecided about what cake the now 5 year old would like, I originally decided to do a basic rocket ship. But, after numerous internet searches, and seeing image after image of phallic like representations I decided that maybe a rocket ship wasn’t the cake for us.

With all things lego being the flavour of the month, I decided to tackle Emmet. I don’t use fondant so it was buttercream all the way.

A very Late night, and with hubby’s steady hand to do the outlines, we got there in the end. At one stage he looked like a prisoner with a combover and really bad hair, hence the thick black mop.

Prisoner Emmet


Emmet Template


End Result




Potato and leek soup and Parmesan garlic wheel

Potato and leek soup and Parmesan garlic wheel

So my eldest turned 5 on Saturday. We had a full on day celebrating with his friends, and the building Lego. So much Lego!
Have you all seen the Lego Movie? Not to give it away, but my husband is rather like the antagonist… He is trying to make Mr 5 build the sets exactly by the book… And them leave them as they are. I don’t think he understands that is virtually impossible for a 5 year old to do.

After a long day we needed a quick dinner. Potato and leek soup… Tick!

I wanted some bread to go with it, but hubby isn’t a fan of the basic whole meal bread. I quick search and I found this recipe from The Road to Loving my Thermomixer (if you haven’t already come across the page in your internet and Facebook travels)

I’m slightly embarrassed to say the entire thing got entirely demolished! Kids loved it, nan loved it, and hubby loved it.

The only difference we had was some Colby cheese also sprinkled on top. I also didn’t add any bread improver.

A quick rundown of the simple ingredients

Bakers flour
Yeast sachet
Olive oil
Parmesan cheese
Colby or tasty cheese
Garlic cloves

The recipe is really simple. The only adjustments I made were to add about 20mls of olive oil to the dough prior to kneading.

I also let it rise for about 20 minutes. I the rolled it and pit it on tray. I popped it into a cold oven which gave a perfect second rise as the oven came to temperature.


Chicken Dumplings – Asian inspired


I have been hearing a lot about yum cha. Never tried it but I am positive it would be just my thing.

So, to try and imagine what it must be like, I gave some steamed dumplings a try yesterday.

They were absolutely delicious, and surprisingly quick to make. The most time consuming part was folding the dumplings, but I’m pretty sure that was the million times I got interrupted by one or more children!

Ingredients (I had. 30 pack of wrappers from the supermarket, but you can easily make your own)

Chicken mince 200 gram
1/4 cabbage
2 spring onions
Knob of ginger
1 egg
Sesame oil
Soy sauce
Fish sauce


1. Chop cabbage into chunks. Finely shred or pulse in thermomix.
Put to the side in a bowl, with a sprinkle of salt, let it sit.

2. Add spring onion and ginger to bowl. Chop, 2 sec speed 6.

3. Add sesame oil to bowl, sauté onion and ginger 2 min, speed 1 temp varoma. Give the bottom a scrape.

4. Add remainder of ingredients to bowl, I cook by taste so I probably put around a tablespoon of each sauce ingredient.

5. Using your hands, squeeze out the excess water from your cabbage and add it to the thermomix bowl.

6. Mix all ingredients for 20 sec speed 2. Give it a scrape and mix a little more if not fully combined.

7. I then put a piece of baking paper on my chopping board. I laid about 6 wrappers, dipped my finger in a cup of water and wet each wrap. I the used a spoon to put a small amount of filling in each dumpling. I would say less than a tablespoon as if they are too full they are hard to wrap.

8. I then folded each wrap in half and pinched the sides together. There is no real method to this, just feel it as you go. Basically make sure the sides are all joined. Line your varoma trays with baking paper and place dumplings on2 layers

9. Steam dumplings for approx 12 minutes. This will depend how full your parcels are. I used 500gms waters, preheated to varoma temp. The cook, 12 min, speed 3, varoma temp.

Your serving choices are many. Scoff into the with some soy sauce for dipping, or use them in a soup. You could also fry them too for a crispy morsel.

Let me know what you think