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The Thermomix Epidemic: How To Protect Yourself

The Thermomix Epidemic: How To Protect Yourself

Have you been infected?

Apparently there is a plague of epic proportions… And I too have succumb to the illness.

Check it out for a good laugh

How would you rate your thermomix (or similar affliction) on a scale of 1-10?

I’d say I’m about a 8/10. I love it, I get great use out of it, it saves me time and gives me freedom in the kitchen. I still use my slow cooker and the BBQ.
But that’s ok with me.

When I first bought my thermomix I felt the pressure to use it at every meal, everyday. But now I’m ok with not needing to do that, I see it as another appliance or goods that is a long term investment. So for me I know I will get good value from my thermomix.

They aren’t for everyone, which is cool too.

How do you rate your thermomix infection on a scale of 1-10? Mild cold like symtpoms? Full blown flu?