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Red Thai curry paste


I based this onthe recipe in the edc but made some adjustments withthe ingredients that I had to hand.

I love fragrant curries. They seem so filling and comforting, yet the zing on your tongue makes the feel fresh too.

I also seem to have developed an addition to coconut. I’ve always liked it, but lately seem to be wanting it more and more!

So I made a batch of this paste, as well as making my own coconut milk from desiccated coconut.


8 medium chillis (mine were from Grandma’s garden, still onthe plant but a bit dry. I just soaked them in hot water, while prepping the other ingredients and scraped out majority of the seeds as I have little kids)

Thumb size piece of ginger
Lots of garlic gloves (I used 6 fresh)
2 tbsp coriander seeds
2 tbsp Ground paprika
3 stalks of lemongrass (the white part only, and remove the really woody end and outer layers)
Lemon rind and juice (I used the zest and juice of 1.5 large lemons)
Oil (again I used rice bran because it’s what I had, but peanut would be good too)

I think traditionally lime is used, but I had lemon so that’s what I put in. It was really pleasant flavored.

Dry roast your coriander for a couple of minutes. The mill on speed 10. I actually couldn’t get mine to a complete powder consistency, but my seeds were really old so I think they may have been particularly dry.

The add remaining ingredients except for the oil. Process on speed 10. D this until you have a paste consistency you are happy with. Mine probably took a few minutes, and scrape down in between. I also added a bit of water to help combine it.

Then, add some oil, speed 4 and drip it in through the lid. I didn’t put much at all so I suspect my paste won’t keep. But that’s fine 🙂

Put it into a jar and cover with oil on top. And you’re done.

The possibilities are so great with a base like this.

We had chicken curry for tea.
But you could do a vegetarian version with pumpkin and cauliflower.

Or perhaps pumpkin soup with red curry paste and coconut milk?

I also made Thai fish cakes last week and I think this paste would be amazing in them.

Personally I love a mound of fresh coriander with any good, but especially this. Also try adding a spoon or too of peanut butter with your curry.

What are your favourite ways to use a curry paste?




Thermomix Recipes


Thought I would update some recent things that have made the menu at my place.

If you’d like recipes for any please just comment or get in touch and let me know