About Me!

Where to start? This page is about you, the person reading it… hopefully when you visit something catches your eye. An idea for dinner? A new way to do something old and known? Maybe recognising something in your own self or life, nodding to yourself and thinking yep!! I know exactly… have been there too.

I’m an average suburban Mum. But I like to think that is not my defining feature.

I’m also a nurse. I often wonder what other vocation I should pursue in the search for greater career satisfaction, but I’m not talented enough yet. My finger is in many pies but none are practiced to perfection or expertly finished.

Do you daydream regularly? If you do, then pull up a chair, you’ll fit right in.

I have 2 boys, a pre-schooler and a baby. Interesting and frustrating in so many ways, is this stage of life.

I have started this blog, a way to share the antics of my boys. And to share things I enjoy, arty crafty things, cooking, playing with my camera, my veggie garden, fishing and eating our catch (rarely)!

However, I have a penchant for not finishing anything I start so this blog will be a challenge….


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  1. I’ve been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, and I am now sharing the love with you… I think your blog is inspiring, well written and thoroughly worth reading, so I have nominated you for the award too: consider yourself a Very Inspiring Blogger! If you would like to accept the award, click on the following link to read the rules and the post in which you are listed: http://evaames.wordpress.com/2012/11/28/very-inspiring-blogger-award/


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