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Crunchy Polenta Tuna Patties in the BIKM

Crunchy Polenta Tuna Patties in the BIKM

So our weather peaked out at 35 degrees yesterday. Welcome November!!

Considering this, light meal for tea was needed… and I didn’t organise any meat from the freezer.. so tuna it was.

Decided to make tuna patties in the BIKM, this is the recipe for what I did, although I am sure there was probably an easier way.

All in, I reckon they were really yummy! Easy for the 3 year old to eat too.

1. Peel and cube 6 medium potatoes.

2. Cook in basket insert, 20 min, speed 1, temp ST.

3. Chop half onion, 1 carrot. 3 seconds, speed 6.

4. Add mushroom. Chop, 2 seconds, speed 5.

5. Add oil, saute 3 minutes, speed 1, temp 100.

6. Place carrot onion mushroom in a large bowl with drained tuna. I also added some frozen peas and corn here.

7. Place potato in bikm jug with mixing blade. Blend for 15 seconds speed 4 and check. Blend again if required.

8. Add potato to tuna mix. Also add tbsp whole grain mustard and 2 eggs. Combine well.

At this point I placed the mix in the fridge but it was still quite wet. I think moisture probably came out of the frozen peas and corn. I added some finely torn white bread to dry it of which helped. Next time I think I’ll start with 1 egg too.

9. Place dried breadcrumbs and polenta into a bowl. I did about half half. Shape tuna mix into balls and coat in crumbs. I placed on a lined baking tray and popped back into the fridge but you could skip this.

10. Shallow fry in oil til golden brown each side.

So this recipe isn’t perfect but was more of an experiment. The end result though was very tasty and like I mentioned, I’m sure I made it harder than it needed to be.