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My first sewing attempt since high school… Pretty impressed if I do say so myself!


Sew…. (get it?) ha!

Well lots of my friends seem to be sewing of late, lots of handmade clothing items popping up around facebook.

And I must say it made me kind of nostalgic… and also jealous. I want in on the creative fun. Not to mention I have little boys. Has anyone noticed how much harder it is to find clothing for boys, that is not garish or just ugly?
There are soooo many gorgeous clothes for little girls. Luckily for me I now have lovely nieces to spoil.

So I was a woman on a mission. And I am chuffed with the end result.

I made a pair of Christmas shorts for my 3 year old.

Keep in mind, I had no pattern. I used a pair of shorts in the cupboard, I cut out a template from those.

The last time I touched a sewing machine (apart from last week when mum brought the vintage machine around), was year 10 in high school. My project was a pair of black satin pyjamas. I never finished them….

It took me pretty much all day, but I did finish them. And only a few mistakes along the way, nothing an unpicker didn’t fix.

As usual, Mr Negative had nothing positive to say.. “they look like a tea towel” … “he can’t wear THOSE in public”… it goes on.

The person who matters really liked them. He can’t wait for Christmas to wear his special shorts that mum made.

Before the waistband was done.


And the finished product …