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Freedom… The adventures of a 3 year just old moved to his Big Boy Bed


So the time has come for my boys to share a bedroom. The baby is too big for his bassinet… and time for the 3 year old to move from the cot to his big bed.

I know there are probably some questions… why IS a 3 year old still in a cot? Well to be fair.. he spent the first year in our bed/portacot in our room so wasn’t really in the cot anyway. But once he was, and finally started sleeping throught the night, you know, STTN? The holy grail of all things parenting… well anyway, it was a case of.. why change something that works.

Night 1.. slept through all night, didn’t hear a peep.

Lulled us with that one, he did!

Well he has been waking really early, like before 6 am. In fact, I’m not quite sure what time as I don’t hear him get up… I’m pretty tired these days from the baby so the sleep I do get is usually a deep one.

The first 2 mornings, he helped himself to the Nutella. He is resourceful. That is for sure. He had his plate out, a knife, the butter, some bread. And did a pretty good job of spreading it (if an inch thick counts…. I am his mother after all.) But it was the mess everywhere else.. the bench, the lounge, his face.

So lesson learnt, we kept the kitchen gate shut.

So unable to make his breakfast, the next morning I wake to another surprise. He has jammed pins into the vintage sewing machine I am borrowing from my Mum. he’d stuck them all through the hole the cotton comes up through from the bobbin (I don’t know it’s name)…. Thankfully I had unplugged the machine before I’d gone to bed.

The last 2 mornings he has slept til 7 am and I have heard him wake up… I’m hoping the novelty has worn off and his bed is more appealing… I can only hope.


Today’s experiment… Strawberry Jam in the Bellini (BIKM)


Ok. So no out of this world culinary creations today.

But we (as in my 3 year old and I) gave strawberry jam a go in the Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master.

Having never made a jam before, I was a bit worried I’d make a mess of it, but it was incredibly easy! Although I haven’t tasted yet and I guess that is where the true test will come.

I only had one punnet of strawberries in the fridge that were almost ready to get chucked so thought we’d use them up.

It went like this….

150gm strawberries

150gm sugar (I happened to have raw sugar so used that)

half a lemon, peeled, so just the fleshy bit

and the zest of that lemon (I don’t have a zester so just finely peeled it with a potato peeler)

Chucked it all in the cooker, 10-15 minutes, 100 degrees, speed 1.

Then another 5-10 minutes with the measuring lid off at 100 degrees, speed 1.

And that was it.

I had some left over glass jars that were in the oven heating up, poured the jam in, and popped on the cello covers… and that was it! We were done.

Now I think, with a bit of ‘prettying’ up, they will fit in nicely in my repertoire of Christmas gifts in Jars.


20121029-134243.jpg  20121029-134310.jpg  20121030-204852.jpgthe finished product… was very nice

You can Jar Christmas? Yes, I think you can!

You can Jar Christmas? Yes, I think you can!

Cookie mix in a jar

Well I thought I would make my first post one about something that has been consuming my train of thought of late…

And that is Christmas.

Not just the usual presents for the kiddies and little people in our life… but those presents you are almost obliged to give.

It’s not that I don’t love giving presents, but the ones that I do give, usually involve a lot of thought on my behalf.

I’m talking about people like our grandparents… or old Aunt Jude… or the sweet old lady down the road.

So I came across ( a not so original idea it seems, but one I haven’t seen before) of gifts in jars.

You can find the original recipe I used and tweaked here 

Last year, I did a M&M layered biscuit mix in a glass jar, in a pretty box with Christmassy mugs, flavoured coffee sachets, individual tea bags, and come small choccies scattered around.

I think it looked cute all wrapped up and decorated (I will scrounge to see if I took any photos of how they turned out, but you get the idea)

SO this year, I have been researching my gifts in jars theme. And with the help of my Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master (I plan on blogging more about the BIKM in future) I have made up a list of things I think might fit the memo.

How am I going so far… any mouth’s watering yet? Would YOU like to be the recipient if someone gave you these hand made gifts?

I’ve started a Pinterest board